external image 1967-plymouth-barracuda.jpg

I love this '67 Barracuda Notchback! In general, I love American Muscle Cars. Growing Up, I spent a lot of time with Hot Wheels die cast replica cars, racing them, driving them through city facades, and I especially waited for Christmas Time every year because my dad would set up an immense platform complete with houses, roads, a working train, and we would play on it for hours with our Hot Wheels. I wish I could work on cars but I know very little about them. My few attempts at body work were amateurish. Someday I hope to own a vehicle like the one above, but for now I'll have to look for the Hot Wheels version. I often gravitate to the Hot Wheels sections in the toy stores looking for the American Muscle Cars. I don't like the cars that look like animals or the crazy cars that would never be produced as real, drivable vehicles. I don't buy them on the internet. I won't pay some exhorbitant price to buy some classic Hot Wheel. $.97 is the price I look for and it's a bit of a treasure hunt but I've probably bought about fifty of these and still counting. They're in mounted display cases in one of the extra rooms at home.